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Taken from Wikipedea:

Black Widow EU

Black Widow EU is a projection screen paint mix version for EU.

The formula has changed, due to the Auto-Air Aluminium paint composition changing. See below for more details. The old formula was:

  • 4 parts (960ml) of “Johnstone's Covaplus Vinyl Matt Finish” tinted (NCS color code: S 0907 Y70R) paint from Johnstone's or Leyland Trade.
  • 1 part (240ml) of “Auto-Air Aluminium Base Fine” (code: 4101) paint from Createx Auto Air Colors. (AAA)

Previously, the AAA paint had a blue tint to it, which required the main paint to have a pink tint, so that the combination produced a true Neutral Grey; however, batches of AAA since 2013 have a different formulation that does not have a significant tint. It is now recommended to use a Neutral Grey paint as the main paint - as below, many have used Dulux Grey Steel 2, which has an NCS code of 00NN 53/000 which equates to N7.8 on the Munsell scale. The same ratio of the paints are used instead.

Note 2:In the UK the auto aluminum can be sourced in 120 ml & 480ml bottles. ( www.airbrushandpaint.co.uk )

Note 3: If you can't find the "Johnstone's Covaplus Vinyl Matt Finish” try the "DULUX Vinyl Matt". I do not know if it works exactly the same as the "DULUX Wash & Wear Flat" for the AU prescription but the codes of DULUX in Europe are:
Grey Steel1 00NN 31/000 ( it is the darkest one )
Grey Steel2 00NN 53/000 ( RGB(184,184,182) - N7.8 )
Grey Steel3 00NN 72/000 ( RGB(219,220,219) - N8.8 )
Grey Steel4 00NN 83/000 ( it is the lightest one - N9.3 )